What Are The 4 Senses In Architecture?

What Are The 4 Senses In Architecture?

The senses play a significant role in architecture. Many of our designs are multisensory, which means they engage all of our senses. This is a way to design environments that are enjoyable for everyone. Here are a few examples of how these senses help top architecture firms in Dubai in your design:

Multisensory design

Multisensory design in architecture involves creating environments that appeal to the senses. Neuroscientists have discovered that each of our senses influences our brain activity in different ways, and this cross-talk is of profound significance for the practice of architecture. Architects who take into account the different ways in which we experience space are setting themselves up to make buildings that are highly engaging and rewarding.


For many years, we have ignored the olfactory aspects of architecture. However, the importance of this sense is being highlighted now. Through architectural design and urban design practices, we can stimulate the sense of smell. Here are a few examples of how we can stimulate our sense of smell.

One way to incorporate the sense of taste is to use certain colors. For example, choosing bitter chocolate brown and fiery orange accents can evoke a bitter taste. These colors are also a great way to add depth to a room.


The architectural experience is multisensory, and it begins with touching. As a result, designers have to account for the way different people will touch building surfaces, such as doors and floors. This requires careful attention to material parameters and spatial configurations. Here are some ways to incorporate tactile elements into the architectural experience.

The first step is to train architects and designers to think about future user experiences. Many people are familiar with their environment but are unaware of how the building feels and works. For this reason, architects and designers must be trained to anticipate this.


Using our sense of smell is important in architecture. We use our sense of smell to perceive a building’s quality. We use smell to identify a building’s interior and exterior materials. We also use our sense of smell to judge the energy level of a space. The architectural industry is exploring how we use our sense of smell to design buildings.